August 20, 2009 Lily Dean

After 2 years since the previous release we finally have a new MultiLive version.

It will allow you to run multiple instances of your Windows Live Messenger.

MultiLive 2009

MultiLive 2009
Tested on

Windows Live Messenger 2009 (Build: 14.0.8089.0726)
Windows Live Messenger 2009 (Build: 14.0.8050.1202)
Windows Live Messenger 2009 (Build: 14.0.8064.0206)

January 30, 2008 Lily Dean

Multiple Live for Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0178


– Remove banners
– Run multiple Windows live Messengers


by Veronique: Make sure u shut down msn completely BEFORE patching.

I had the error first too. After shutting down msn it worked.
And btw u dont have to copy the file into the msn folder. It auto locates the right path.

Howto get it to work on VISTA

by Guri: Its Working With Vista 2
u just neeD to Run it As Administrator.
Open with Right Click Properties >> Compatibility and Check Run As Administrator and than RUn the Patch