MSN A-Patch 1.1.2

April 7, 2008 Lily Dean 0Comment

(1.1.2) Support for MSNM 6.2.0208
I have added support for MSN Messenger 6.2.0208, and I have also made the file size even smaller
Update (1.1.1) 2 New Features
Added 2 new features:

Remove User Is Writing Message
Disable Nudge Shake (disables window from shaking when nudged)
Update (1.1)
I’ve added a few new features — Remove PSM Bar, Remove Contacts PSM, Remove My DP Container — and re-added Custom Games.

MSN A-Patch 1.1.2

Another thing, I’ve changed the download to a ZIP file and I’ve also cut down the filesize to 78kb, as opposed to 590kb

A-Patch has been updated to include MSN Messenger 7.0.0777 ! 

Now it is able to patch MSN Messenger:


Some features include Polygamy (Multi-MSN), remove buttons from the Contact List and Instant Message window, remove Ad Banners, remove What’s Hot sections, add the ability to choose your status from the systray before you sign-in, show Idle status and much more! This patch has more than 30 features!