MessengerDiscovery 3 released

Saturday 25/06 2011
MessengerDiscovery 3 has been released, for more information and download check:

Messenger Plus! 5 released

Monday 21/02 2011
Yuna software has updated Messenger plus, Updates include :

- Full compatibility with Windows Live Messenger 2011
- New Preferences and Options
- MyPlus
- Online loggin

Download now (6.9 Mb)

Messenger for mac 8 released, includes video chat

Tuesday 26/10 2010
Microsoft released Messenger for Mac 8 as a standalone download, later this year it will also be packaged along Office for Mac 2011.

Messenger for Mac 8 provides real-time collaboration between Mac users and their Messenger friends, whether those friends are using Messenger on a PC, phone, through Hotmail, or on another Mac. You can use instant messaging, audio, and video calls to communicate with your Messenger contacts by signing in with your Windows Live ID.

The games and social view (wich are present in WLM 2011) will not be made available for Mac users.

Get your copy here

Messenger Plus! Live for Windows Live Messenger 2011

Monday 25/10 2010
Finally Messenger Plus has a (partially) compatible version with WLM 2011. This version is the last one before the Messenger Plus 5 build. Version 5 will be fully compatible with WLM 2011.

Download Messenger Plus 4.9

Windows Live Messenger 2011 stable

Wednesday 06/10 2010
A stable versions of Windows Live Messenger 2011 has been released.

Download the english installer here (156 Mb)

Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 Beta

Monday 28/06 2010
Like predicted in the previous post Microsoft has released a Beta of Windows Live Messenger Wave 4. Lots of updates and now totally social:

Download Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 Beta

Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 Beta Coming the June 21st of june

Thursday 06/05 2010
According to wikikou, Microsoft is planning to release a beta version of Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 on the 21st of june.

Expect lots of updates in this new Wave!

Windows Live Messenger will be available in beta since June 21. The new features are very numerous and among other things, you will be able to experience the emotion of the live HD through 16/9th fullscreen, sharing photos and YouTube videos in conversation classic or video, HD video conversations and your Chat Windows will be organized by tabs. For any information, appointment on the Messenger Facebook page.

Leaked: Windows Live Messenger 2010

Monday 22/03 2010
Hi all, it has been a long time since a last update. But Windows Live Messenger 2010 just leaked.

Download Windows Live Messenger 2010 here.

New version WLM Lite: WLM Lite 2009

Thursday 07/01 2010
With WLM Lite you can run Windows Live Messenger anywhere you want. Like on school, work etc.. Just download this one file, run it and your done.

Download WLM Lite 2009 (54 Mb)

Forced update Windows Live Messenger 8.1

Wednesday 16/09 2009
If you are having problems signing-in this is probably because you need to update your Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft is forcing every Windows Live Messenger user (below 9) to update to the last version.

Download the last stable version here

A small hint, thanks to The boss ( kegham ) as he told us, just change compatibility mode to windows 2000 and you will be able to still run Windows Live Messenger 8.1.