Two Things You Need for Better Weightlifting Performance


Olympic weightlifting, which is more commonly termed ‘weightlifting,’ is a beautiful sport that involves agility, balance, and power. As a naturally strong person, you may have gotten into this sport hoping to add grace and skill to your strength.

So far, you have mastered weightlifting movements and techniques. You have built muscle and you can now carry heavier weights than before. You feel encouraged and want to go on to join competitions in your area.

So how do you prepare for a coming competition? How do you improve your weightlifting so you are ready for this event? Here are two things to consider.

Weightlifting Shoes

When you raise those weights above your head, you want to be rooted firmly on the ground. You want to be balanced and comfortable. What you need, then, is the right pair of shoes that give you a steady stance, better mobility, and protection.

If you are still using training shoes for weightlifting, it might be time to upgrade to weightlifting shoes. Weightlifting shoes affect your performance positively in many ways.

  1. Weightlifting shoes have heels that help you maintain good posture throughout your lifts. Being able to lift heavy weights is important in competitions, but judges also pay particular attention to posture. Since good weightlifting shoes have elevated heels at the bottom, wearing them will make it easier for you to maintain good form during all your movements.
  2. Weightlifting shoes keep you stable. As you carry weights, you want to be planted firmly on the ground. What you need, then, are weightlifting shoes with a solid base. A base made out of wood or hard plastic will keep you steady, which is important the heavier your weights get.
  3. Weightlifting shoes can protect you from injury. Shoes made out of weak material will not give your ankles the support they need as you lift. To prevent sprains and injury, it is best to wear weightlifting shoes that give you full ankle support.

If you are heading out to pick some weightlifting shoes for the competition, here are some quick tips on how to get a pair that’s right for you.

  1. Make sure the height of the heels matches your height. Generally, the longer your femurs, the higher the heels should be.
  2. Try on the shoes to feel the strength of their base. A strong base will keep you from rocking around as you lift weights.
  3. Look for good quality material. Leather and rubber do a good job protecting your ankles. It is a good idea to pick shoes with some extra straps designed for even more support.

Mass Gainers

Mass gainers can really help you prepare for your weightlifting competition. Here’s how.

  1. Your body will be supplied with the ingredients it needs to build muscle faster. Mass gainers are packed with around 50g of protein per serving. They also contain carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. All these work together to help you build muscle quickly.
  2. Your muscles will recover faster. The more you train, the more your muscles need glycogen synthesis for healing and recovery. Taking mass gainers speeds up the production of glycogen so you can exercise on a competitive level while giving your muscles their needed support.

With these two helpful elements packed into your gym bag, you will be better ready to take on your first competition.